The BioFuture Bee Invites You to Feel The Multispecies Dance of Future

It’s a flourishing new world in this future-now! A symbiosis between all organisms as they swarm and dance together. This new order is driven by life and learnings from bees, their pollination, their ecology and their eternal love for bringing life into nature and supporting it.

Cause and effect! It all started when bees entered the realm of desires, channeling the drivers of all organisms towards the becomings of a unified greater whole.
– Sushant Passi

The sketches and materials of the BioFutures workshop groups are being shown in an exhibition at SOLU
Luotsikatu 16, Helsinki (Katajanokka)
Sat & Sun 12.-13.6.2021, 10-14 and 14.6.-18.6.2021, 12-17

The BioFuture Bee is an actual bee. Just a one, that has an Tinder and Instagram account. It is an artistic artefact BioFutures – A physical narrative workshop, held at SOLU Bioart Society ( June 2021 gave birth to.

The BioFutures workshop held at SOLU Bioart Society space invited a group of practitioners to work together, to investigate futures in relation to biology, ecology and life sciences. From this they built a storyworld, a possible future, within which we explore the impact of different scenarios upon the everyday. Out of one of these imagined storyworld was born BioFuture Bee, a future bee who already has its own personal short movie, had account in Tinder before being banned within 24 hours, and has an account Instagram, inviting you not only for a date, but share the new future with it.

The BioFuture Bee Tinder – Instagram – Short movie project is all about the use of sexual desire, love and noursihing human and all creatures are capable to, and using it as an attitude towards other species and being a creature of nature, in shot, using desire as superpower that contains life itself.

It is also drawing together the mythical and historical dialogue of nutrition, fertilitity and gratitude, desire and network of all the species ecosystem is. We need a romantic relationship and marriage with nature, that is, love.

In the BioFuture Bee / flourishing scenario climate change is cancelled and human kind has stopped anthropocentric approach and the use of nature as a resource. The BioFuture Bee -project is both inviting to it and also representing the new multispecies dance idea, where communicational gaps are transformed and melted to a dance between languages we use, nerve system, senses and actual dance, that bees do.

It’s flirty and makes the honey, sun and warmth caress your skin.

The BioFuture Bee instantly had a lot of matches in Tinder, but got unfortunately banned the next day for violating rules, naturally. Log in to find out more:

The workshop was hosted locally by artists Christina Stadlbauer and Noora Sandgren and led remotely by Tina Auer and Tim Boykett of Austrian Time’s Up organisation. The workshop contributed to Pixelache Helsinki 2021 Festival #Burn____ as a festival partnership production.

The future is inevitable, enormous and unfathomable. That’s at least what we are trained to believe. While many aspects are indeed so, many more are not. The future is full of things that we know and understand, many more can be understood once we have them in our hands. Experiential Futures, a term coined by Stuart Candy, is an emerging field of artistic endeavor, where the future scenario is made into an immersive environment, a situation, an embodied experience, breaking issues in a possible future down to the everyday.

Time’s Up uses physical narratives, a form of installation art, to make future scenarios experiential and explorable. The form encourages, even demands, inquisitive behavior from its audience, a new way of knowing, supporting discussions between visitors. It utilises the multiplicity of perspectives to remind the audience that a future scenario is by no means a given, but a possibility, one of many possible futures. Experiential Futures and by extension embodiments of them, welcome and incite active futuring by everyone. Read more:

The group discussed and found emerging trends, signals and tendencies, even hopes for the future trough a multifaceted process. They were the base for the core question group formed: ”How is the multispecies dance feeling in the 2050’s”?

Out of most ecosystem friendly scenario rose an entity of trends that were titled ”Flourishing” by the group. The FutureBee group was formed to focus on that. In the storyworld was an instrument needed, and the group ended up using a bee and the idea of desire, that is the driving energy in for example Tinder, and match them.

The group also imagined and visualized environment in 2050’s after the changes. Here’s Havis Amanda at market square, Helsinki. Image credit: Pia Lindman, 2021.

The water level has risen in the imaginery scenario. Havis Amanda at Market Square. Image credit: Pia Lindman, 2021

The group (Pia Lindman, Sushant Passi and Heini Heikkilä) approached the bees with a meditative and opendialogue attitude. The beehives are located at Aalto University, Espoo, Finland.

Have you ever watched the algae swinging tenderly in the sea, the peace and effortless harmony of it clearly
Like danced with it
In your mind
And then I opened the window and would let it all float in, the warm summerbreeze from the sea, thick with humidity and the essence of life, the scent so wise, eternity and life just been born in the same time
I was thinking about the symphony of coral reef and octopus having brain in its tentagles and it would spread and take over me like spiderweb and the nerves and sparkling and reflecting waterdrops in it, the intelligence and nerves around me taking care
Roots had been the clue, all the time there
The bloom of early June My senses about to get overloaded again, couldn’t wait for the new day to begin
The butterfly had hatched and was flying around Had I waited so long
Yes he was hurt, bitter and scared I had wounded him but I gave space ever been so patient
I had the rest of my life the rush had ended

Like algea floating in the sea nothing but serenity and trust you hear the whale sing

we are over the threshold now
in the heart
Let’s dance baby
Let’s dance

Heini Heikkilä, Dance

BioFutures is part of Biofriction, a European collaboration project committed to supporting bioart and biohacking practices. The Biofriction project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. It is also part of BioFacts – a programme that consists of a series of artistic research work labs. During 2020-2021, the BioFacts programme introduces fundamental techniques of working with biological arts and serves as a vehicle to discuss art and science, materials, techniques, safety and policy, biopolitics, ethics as well as artistic examples through hands-on work. 
BioFacts is supported by the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation.

Julkaisua tukee Taiteen edistämiskeskus.

Totuus. Be the bee.


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